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Please fill in the form below.  You will be emailed automatically when an animal matching what you select is registered as FOUND or shows up at one of the following shelters:
Orange County Animal Services
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This page is not maintained by any animal shelter, but it is our policy to forward your information to shelters that have supplied us with an appropriate email address.
Your information will be forwarded to: Orange County Animal Services
Automatic Email Requests are effective for 30 days. After that you will be sent an email with a link to renew your request. Emails are sent once per day.

We do not accept information from pet stores or breeders. By the transfer of information to us you are certifying that you do not represent a pet store or breeder.

Lost Pet Postcards are a proven way to help find your lost pet. After submitting your request, you will have the option of purchasing them if you so desire. Lost Pet Postcards are optional. We will still send you email on potential matches, even if you do not order them. If you decide to make a purchase later on, you will be able to click a link in the daily email to do so.

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You will receive a daily e-mail of pets even if no new pets have been posted or no matches have been found.

We will send the emails to you regardless of whether we share that info with any shelter.

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When selecting an image, the format must be .jpg ONLY. Please do not include people, addresses, phone numbers, copyrights or URLs. Images that include these will not be released. All uploaded images become the property of HLP, Inc. All images are subject to review and may or may not be displayed at the discretion of HLP staff.

You will receive an email with an activation link that you MUST CLICK to activate your request.