PetHarbor's Lost Pet Postcards
Frequently Asked Questions

“We found Jesse!!!”

Martinez, CA - When Cheryl Brewster’s sister lost her dog Jesse, Cheryl sprang into action. She immediately sat down at her computer and used the power of the internet to get the word out. Cheryl found her local shelter on and registered Jesse as lost.
Wanting to do more, Cheryl also took advantage of some of the other tools
that the website had to offer, namely Lost Pet Postcards.
The day after submitting her request, the area where Jesse was lost in Martinez, CA was blanketed with lost pet postcards, complete with recent pictures of Jesse. Just hours later Jesse was back at home, safe and sound.
“I can’t imagine that we’d have ever found her if it wasn’t for the website.” Cheryl proclaims.
“Gone are the days of printing out hundreds of flyers and wasting time going door to door.”

How do I go about placing an order for Lost Pet Postcards?
Start by using to search for your lost pet, no need to buy the postcards if somebody has already found your pet! If no one has reported your pet found, sign up for PetHarbor’s Lost Pet Registration by clicking the “Register your Lost Pet” button after performing your first search. Fill out the form with your information and we will send you a daily email containing possible matches for your lost pet. Then, after you submit your information, you will have the option of purchasing PetHarbor Lost Pet Postcards. We will still send you email on potential matches, even if you choose not to purchase Lost Pet Postcards.
How much do Lost Pet Postcards cost?
We’ll print, address and mail…
500 for $499.00 USD
1000 for $749.00 USD
2000 for $1,299.00 USD
3000 for $1,749.00 USD
Why does it cost so much?
Bulk rate postage for our postcards ranges from 19 to 22 cents per card. Rush printing of 500 individually addressed color postcards can run as high as 40 cents per postcard. For a 500 card order that is as much as $310 just in postage and printing. We also must purchase the mailing list for the area where your pet was lost. Look on the web and you will find all of these services available separately. Although you could do this yourself, we would like to take the stress out of this process for you. We put these services together for you and can get the postcards in the mail the next business day.
How do Lost Pet Postcards work?
Purchasing Lost Pet Postcards puts a picture of your lost pet in the mailboxes of hundreds of residences in the immediate area where your pet was lost. Additionally, the letter carriers in your area will become very familiar with your pet as they walk and drive around the neighborhood every day.
What’s included with a Lost Pet Postcard order?
Everything. We produce the postcards, acquire the mailing list, pay the postage and deliver them to the Post Office.
How quickly will my pet’s Lost Pet Postcards be delivered?
We complete your order and deliver them to the Post Office within one business day. Place your order on Monday and it will be in the mail on Tuesday. From there it is up to United States Postal Service. The postcards are sent First Class Mail from Santa Cruz, California and we see typical delivery times are around 2-3 days. There are some things that may slow down your order such as: not providing a valid address and/or street/cross street, purchasing Lost Pet Postcards under a name that is different from the owner, not providing a photograph, or other various issues.
How will Lost Pet Postcards help me find my pet?
The most time-tested successful technique in lost pet recovery has been the “Poster Method”. Post flyers containing a photograph and contact information throughout the neighborhood where your pet was lost. With Lost Pet Postcards we put a photograph of your pet in every mailbox!
Is postage included?
Yes it is!
Where do you get your mailing lists?
From a residential mailing list provider.
If my pet is found before the postcards are delivered, is my money refundable?
Due to the time sensitivity of this service we rush every order. If your pet comes home after you place your order email us ASAP and we will do everything we can to halt the process so we can issue you a partial refund. We will not be able to refund production costs but if we stop them from being delivered to the Post Office it in time we can certainly refund you the postage.
What contact information should I provide?
When filling out the Lost Pet Registration form, in the "Public Area Code and Phone" field, be sure to use a phone number that has voicemail. In the "Address (block number or cross street) where pet was LOST or last seen" field be sure to use a street / cross-street type of address. This is typically more easily recognizable and safer than using a specific address.
Do I have to offer a reward?
It is not required but a little extra incentive could not hurt. We recommend that if you do choose to provide a reward do not specify an amount -- simply place the word REWARD in the “Extra Information” field.
Environmentally Aware
Did you Know?
Our postcards are printed on 100% PCW recycled Forest Stewardship Council certified cardstock paper, created in a paper mill that uses wind power.
How do you handle apartment buildings?
For mailing radius's that contain apartment buildings we will mail to every 3rd apartment. If the area contains more apartments than single family residences, we will check with you first.
Still have questions? Email us!